Welcome to ‘The Orange Buffalo’s’ blog on what’s hot…news, events and WINGS!

The Orange Buffalo is the product of two school friends Nick and Mike who did a road trip across America and decided to bring a piece of it back. What started as a drunken dream, lots of Tequila and a hearty handshake became a reality in 2012 with the opening of UK’s first dedicated Buffalo Wing food truck right in the heart of fashionable Shoreditch.

Their wings were an instant hit and went on to white wash the UK’s first Chicken Wing Competition picking up first prize in both categories, 2012 was just the start but what a start it was!

In 2014, The Orange Buffalo was on its’ way to Brighton, taking up a super successful residency in a new venue. Here they won the Best Pub Grub of the Brighton Restaurant Awards in 2017.

Word was spreading fast and quickly established a cult like following. They picked up Time Out’s Best Restaurant in Shoreditch and Hoxton at the 2016 Love London Awards.

Kick starting the UK’s buffalo wing movement, The Orange Buffalo were on fire and in 2017 took over the kitchen at the famous music venue, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.

Now six years down the line, The Orange Buffalo is hotter than ever, they can’t wait to spread their wings and paint the world orange.